Discover the Art of Crocheting with Loop Yarn

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Discover the Art of Crocheting with Loop Yarn

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Use Loop Yarn for Crocheting?
  3. Getting Started with Crocheting with Loop Yarn
  4. Creating the Base Chain Row
  5. Working on the First Row
  6. Continuing the Pattern
  7. Finishing Off the Project
  8. Tips and Tricks for Crocheting with Loop Yarn
  9. Loop Yarn Crochet Patterns
  10. Conclusion

Crocheting with Loop Yarn: A New Way to Craft

Crocheting is a beloved hobby for many, but sometimes we crave a change from the traditional yarn and techniques. This is where loop yarn comes in. If you're like me, you love the feel and look of loop yarn, but you're a crocheter and want to crochet with it instead of finger knitting. In this article, I'll show you how to crochet with loop yarn and share tips and tricks to make your projects a success.

Why Use Loop Yarn for Crocheting?

Loop yarn offers a unique and fun experience for crocheters. The loops in the yarn eliminate the need for looping over your hook and make the crocheting process faster. Additionally, loop yarn creates a soft and cozy texture in your finished projects, perfect for blankets, scarves, and more. With loop yarn, you can explore a whole new world of crochet possibilities.

Getting Started with Crocheting with Loop Yarn

To begin crocheting with loop yarn, you'll first need to prepare your materials. Snip a couple of the strings in the loops at the beginning of your yarn to create a nice tail. Create a slip knot on your crochet hook, and you're ready to start crocheting.

Creating the Base Chain Row

The base chain row is the foundation of your project. Start by going through the first loop in your loop yarn, draw it through, and skip the second loop. Continue this pattern, going through the third loop, skipping the fourth, and so on, until your base chain row is the desired width.

Working on the First Row

Once you have your base chain row, it's time to start working on the first row. Instead of skipping loops, you will loop in your next loop and turn your project. This means that each loop in your base row will be used in the first row, ensuring a tight and sturdy crochet fabric.

Continuing the Pattern

As you progress through each row, remember to always go into the first loop and skip the loop afterwards. This will create a consistent and beautiful pattern in your project. Take your time and enjoy the process as your project starts to take shape.

Finishing Off the Project

When you reach the end of your project, it's time to finish it off. To create a neat and finished edge, take your loop yarn and push the back loop through the lead loop. Repeat this process all along the edge of your project. Once you reach the end, weave in your ends to secure everything in place.

Tips and Tricks for Crocheting with Loop Yarn

  • Experiment with different stitch patterns to create unique designs with your loop yarn.
  • Use a larger crochet hook for a looser and drapey fabric, or a smaller hook for a denser and warmer fabric.
  • Practice tension control to ensure consistent loop size throughout your project.
  • Incorporate other yarn types or textures into your loop yarn projects for added visual interest.

Loop Yarn Crochet Patterns

  1. Cozy Loop Yarn Blanket
  2. Chunky Infinity Scarf
  3. Soft and Squishy Baby Blanket
  4. Textured Pillow Cover
  5. Stylish Loop Yarn Hat


Crocheting with loop yarn opens up a whole new world of creativity for crocheters. Its unique texture and ease of use make it a fantastic choice for various projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, give loop yarn a try and see the magic it brings to your crafts. Embrace the joy of loop yarn crochet and let your imagination run wild. Happy crocheting!


  • Learn how to crochet with loop yarn and discover a new way to create cozy and stylish projects.
  • Say goodbye to finger knitting and embrace the speed and versatility of crocheting with loop yarn.
  • Create beautiful and unique crochet fabric with the loops in the yarn, resulting in a soft and comfortable texture.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide to master the technique and start making your own loop yarn creations.
  • Explore a wide range of loop yarn crochet patterns to inspire your next project.


Q: Can I use loop yarn with different crochet stitches? A: Absolutely! Loop yarn is versatile and can be used with various stitch patterns to create unique designs.

Q: Is crocheting with loop yarn faster than traditional crocheting? A: Yes, crocheting with loop yarn can be faster as it eliminates the need to loop over your hook for each stitch.

Q: Can I combine loop yarn with other types of yarn in my projects? A: Definitely! Mixing loop yarn with other yarn types or textures can add visual interest and create stunning results.

Q: Are there any specific tips for maintaining consistent tension with loop yarn? A: Practice controlling your tension to ensure consistent loop size throughout your project. Experiment with different hook sizes to achieve the desired tension.

Q: Can loop yarn be used for more advanced crochet projects? A: Absolutely! Loop yarn can be used for a variety of projects, from simple scarves to intricate blankets and garments. Let your creativity guide you!

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