Master the Art of Filet Crochet with this Revealing Tutorial!

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Master the Art of Filet Crochet with this Revealing Tutorial!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Fallen Crochet Mystery Crochet-along
  3. Different Ways to Customize the Project
    • Making a Drawstring Pouch
    • Turning it into a Shoulder Bag
    • Creating a Book Cover
    • Making a Small Pillow
  4. Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Drawstring Pouch
    • Sewing the Bottom and Sides Together
    • Adding a Lining (Optional)
    • Adding a Drawstring
    • Finishing Touches
  5. Turning the Bottom into a Flat Bottom
  6. Adding Embellishments and Personalization
  7. Exploring Different Filet Crochet Projects
  8. Joining the Filet Crochet Party and Photo Contest
  9. Conclusion



Welcome back to my channel! This is Nikki, from Nikki's Homemade Crafts. In this video, I am excited to reveal the final part of the Fallen Crochet Mystery Crochet-along. If you've been following along, you already know that we've created the bottom and top parts of the project in the previous videos. Today, I will show you different ways to customize the project and turn it into something unique and personal. Get ready to let your imagination run wild!

Overview of the Fallen Crochet Mystery Crochet-along

Before we dive into the customization options, let's do a quick recap of what we've learned so far. In part one, we learned how to crochet the bottom part using the three double crochet filet crochet technique. In part two, we completed the top part and explored the concept of positive and negative images in filet crochet. If you missed these videos, I recommend watching them to get a better understanding of the project.

Different Ways to Customize the Project

The great thing about filet crochet is its versatility. You can transform the project into various items based on your preferences and needs. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Making a Drawstring Pouch

One customization option is to turn the project into a drawstring pouch. Once you've sewed the bottom and sides together, you can add a lining to make it more practical. Simply sew two pieces of fabric together and attach it to the project. This will allow you to conceal the contents of the pouch and provide added durability. Add a drawstring using an i-cord or crochet a cord of your choice. This type of pouch is perfect for storing small items like yarn or accessories.

Turning it into a Shoulder Bag

If you prefer a larger bag, you can easily transform the project into a shoulder bag. Create a lining for added structure and functionality. Consider adding a stronger bottom by sewing the corners inward to form a triangle shape on the inside. This will give your bag a flat bottom. You can also attach plastic canvas to provide additional sturdiness. This type of bag is ideal for carrying books or larger items.

Creating a Book Cover

Another creative option is to make the project into a book cover. To do this, it's best to have a closed mesh design instead of the open mesh we've used so far. Simply weave yarn through the filet crochet or use surface crochet to create patterns or designs on the project. You can also add additional pieces to the top and bottom to accommodate larger books. This book cover will not only protect your books but also add a touch of handmade beauty.

Making a Small Pillow

If you're looking for a decorative item, consider turning the project into a small pillow. Create another piece using the same filet crochet pattern and sew the two pieces together. This will give you a rectangle-shaped pillow. You can use closed mesh or add embellishments to make it more visually appealing. This pillow can be used for decoration or to provide a comfortable support for your back or neck.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Drawstring Pouch

Now, let's focus on one of the customization options in detail. Here are step-by-step instructions for making a drawstring pouch:

  1. Sew the Bottom and Sides Together: Start by sewing the bottom and sides of the project together using your preferred sewing method. This will create the basic structure of the pouch.

  2. Adding a Lining (Optional): If you want to add a lining to your pouch, cut two pieces of fabric slightly larger than the dimensions of the project. Sew the fabric pieces together, leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Then, insert the lining into the pouch and sew it to the edges. This will provide a neater finish and hide the inside of the project.

  3. Adding a Drawstring: To add a drawstring, create an i-cord using a knitting machine or crochet a cord. Leave enough length to weave it through the top of the pouch. Thread the drawstring through the openings in the filet crochet and tie the ends to secure it. This will allow you to close and open the pouch easily.

  4. Finishing Touches: To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your drawstring pouch, consider adding embellishments such as buttons, embroidery, or other decorative elements. Let your creativity shine and make the pouch uniquely yours.

Turning the Bottom into a Flat Bottom

If you want to give your pouch or bag a more solid bottom, you can easily achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Flip the project inside out.

  2. Push the corners inward to form triangles. The size of the triangles will determine the width of the flat bottom.

  3. Sew the triangles to the bottom of the project, ensuring they are securely attached.

  4. For additional sturdiness, insert plastic canvas or a similar material inside the bottom part of the project. This will give it the desired structure and make it more durable.

By implementing these steps, you can transform your project from a simple line to a sturdy, functional item with a flat bottom.

Adding Embellishments and Personalization

To make your project truly unique, don't be afraid to add your personal touches. Consider embroidering a flower or any other design onto the filet crochet surface. You can also use different colors of yarn to create contrasting patterns or incorporate surface crochet techniques to enhance the overall look. Adding buttons or other decorative elements can further beautify your project. Let your imagination guide you and create something that reflects your style and personality.

Exploring Different Filet Crochet Projects

Once you've mastered the techniques and explored the customization options of this crochet-along project, the possibilities for filet crochet are endless. There are numerous patterns and projects you can create using the filet crochet technique. From intricate doilies to delicate shawls, you can dive into the world of filet crochet and discover the beauty of this versatile craft.

Joining the Filet Crochet Party and Photo Contest

If you're eager to showcase your finished project and connect with other crocheters, I invite you to join our filet crochet party. This virtual gathering will give you the opportunity to share your creations, learn from others, and participate in a photo contest. Post your project pictures in my group called "Crocheting with Nikki" using the designated hashtag. During the party, I will announce three winners who will receive special recognition for their creativity and craftsmanship. Don't miss out on this exciting event!


In conclusion, the Fallen Crochet Mystery Crochet-along has taken us on a creative journey of customization and exploration. From drawstring pouches to book covers, we've learned how to transform a simple filet crochet project into versatile and functional items. With a little imagination and personalization, you can make each project your own. The world of filet crochet is vast and full of possibilities, so don't hesitate to dive in and let your creativity soar. Remember to share your finished projects and join the filet crochet party for a chance to connect with other crocheters and receive recognition for your work.

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